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Ken Hulme – 700 Club International Managing Director

Western Ukraine

7-year-old Kolya lives with his mom, Tonya, in a remote village in Western Ukraine.

“My dad died, so it’s hard for mom. I help her in any way I can,” said the brave boy.

For this widow and her son, there was never enough money even to buy food.

"When Kolya said, 'Mom, I want to eat,' I didn’t know how to answer him,’” said Tonya.

Kolya said he remembered times when they had to “borrow” food from the neighbors.

“I was afraid that mom and I would die from hunger,” he said sadly.

So CBN’s Orphan’s Promise, working through a local church, provided help for Kolya and Tonya. It was a project called “SEED,” which stands for “Something to Eat Every Day.”

“They gave mom seeds and we planted them. I watered and took care of them!” he said beaming.

Then we gave Tonya and Kolya some ducks and chickens which they used to start a poultry business. And there was so much produce from their large garden, they were able to can, store and even sell some of it!

“Thanks to you, my son is not starving,” said Tonya with gratitude.

“Thank you for giving us everything, for the chickens and the seeds!” said Kolya. “Now we have something to eat every day. Thank you!”

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